Ann and Victor alternate shifts, so someone is available most weekdays .

  • Ann is available each Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Victor is available each Tuesday and Wednesday.

What should I do next if I would like to make an appointment?
Referrals are not necessary. There are three ways you can make a booking…

Call us.
Call us in Neutral Bay on 02 9904-1333 and ask to make an appointment. We’ll do the rest and answer any questions you have.

Email us.
Send is an email on the Contact page and we’ll send you all the information you request. If you know when you want to come in, let us know and we’ll give some available times for that day or days.

Drop in.
If you’re in the area, we encourage you to drop in where Ann and Victor work out of Health In The Bay here in Neutral Bay. You can see the clinic, how we work, and meet other practitioners and patients. There’s nothing quite like meeting in person to help make a decision.